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Children’s Dentistry

You and your child have different dental needs but we can help your whole family at Thrive Dental in Sachse, TX.

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Our children’s dentists are able to calm your child and show them how dentistry is supposed to be done. We provide TVs, headphones, blankets and pillows so your child feels safe and comfortable.

When should my first dental visit be?

We believe, along with the ADA, that your child’s first visit should be when their first baby tooth erupts. This allows the dentists in Sachse to show the parents how to properly take care of their children’s teeth. WE will show you how to properly brush your child’s teeth and massage their gums so they feel comfortable.

What to expect at your child’s first visit

The very first appointment for your child will be extremely easy. We will have you help us take a look at their teeth and gum health. We will go over proper oral health care and then let you know the next steps. This visit will take only a few minutes and allows the child to get used to being in a dental office.

Dental sealants for children

Dental sealants are especially important for teens and children as their brushing and flossing habits typically are still being developed. Dental sealants flow into the crevices of your teeth and prevent bacteria from seeping into your teeth. Dental sealants tend to protect us from further dental decay.

Fluoride treatments for children

A great invention is fluoride. After the introduction of fluoride to the general population cavities drastically declined. Fluoride strengthens your enamel which means your teeth will be less prone to decay.

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