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Dental Crowns

Many patients will have to get a dental crown in their lifetime.

Getting a dental crown is a routine dental procedure that we do nearly every day at Thrive Dental in Sachse.

Dental crowns are designed for teeth that have large cavities or fractures that undermine the overall tooth structure. They can look as good or better than your natural teeth and you can make them whatever shade you think is best.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a porcelain coverage of your entire tooth. The crown is very strong and can be more esthetic than your natural teeth. At Thrive Dental we use Emax dental crowns that are extremely strong and esthetic.

You will need two visits to seat your crown as the first visit is to prepare your tooth and give you a temporary. The following visit, in a few weeks, is when your dentist will cement the crown permanently. Your dentist will go over how to maintain your crown and how to care for it.

Getting the most years out of your dental crown

Crowns do need to be replaced periodically but there are things you can do to enhance the longevity of your crown. Below are a few things to do to ensure you get the most out of your dental crown.

  1. Avoid very hard foods: Crown are strong but if you use your “teeth as tools” you can find yourself chipping the crown
  2. Avoid extremely sticky candy: Crown are cemented on permanently but, like anything, if you put enough pressure on it to remove the crown, it can potentially come off.
  3. Go to your routine dental visits: It is important that you have your teeth professionally cleaned so that you do not get any recurrent decay on any teeth.

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