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Dental Extractions

If you are experiencing extreme pain or your tooth is fractured you may need a dental extraction.

A dental extraction can either be simple or surgical. Either way, our dentists in Sachse, TX, are highly capable and can help alleviate your discomfort.

Why do you need an extraction

Tooth extractions can be due to a variety of reasons. Let’s review a couple below:

  1. Severe cavities that have gotten too large to restore
  2. Periodontal disease that has made your tooth loose. If the bone level has dropped too much you may need a dental extraction.
  3. A large dental fracture: Sometimes we accidentally hit our teeth which can cause a large fracture. If it’s too large it can cause severe issues and your tooth may need to be extracted.

Wisdom tooth space

Not everybody has wisdom teeth, but many people who do end up needing to have them removed if there isn’t enough room in their mouth to let them grow in. If they become stuck beneath the gums, they can become infected, decayed, or cause your other teeth to become misaligned.

Bone graft after extraction

After your extraction your dentist may recommend bone graft. Bone graft is material placed in your tooth socket area that can help rebuild the bone structure that was damaged and lost due to your tooth extraction. This is very important if you want to get an implant later or you do not want your bone level to change after the tooth is removed.

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