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Emergency Dentistry

Did you suddenly hurt your tooth or do you have a lingering toothache?

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These dental emergencies can be some of the worst pains someone goes through in life. At Thrive Dental in Sachse we make sure we keep an open space for anyone who is experiencing a dental emergency. We want to get you out of pain as soon as we possibly can.

How to handle common dental emergencies

First off you should call our dental office to make an appointment asap so we can get you out of pain. There are multiple times of dental emergencies so we will do our best to gather enough information before your visit. Try to locate your dental insurance but if you don’t have dental insurance no problem as we have multiple ways to save you money.

Bad tooth ache

Sometimes a minor toothache can turn bad very quick. You may want to take some pain medication before heading into our office. We will access what is happening and then evaluate you for treatment or prescribe antibiotics before starting anything.

Broken tooth

Keep any pieces of tooth with you as we may be able to bond it back. If not, we can use composite cement to reshape your teeth to their desired look.

Knocked out tooth

This happens all to often, especially in kids. Make sure to keep your tooth in whole milk or saline solution and come into our office asap. The longer your tooth is out of you mouth the less likelihood of saving that tooth for reimplantation.

Lost filling or crown

Keep the dental crown with you as there is a chance we can cement it back. If not we can determine how we will restore your tooth so you can get back on your way and not have to worry about your dental crown right now.

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