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Preventive care is the bedrock of every dazzling, confident smile; regular checkups, cleanings, and other services will go a long way towards preventing cavities, gum disease, and other common problems. At Thrive Dental & Orthodontics, our doctors will work from your very first appointment to make our dental office the perfect healthcare home for you and your children. During every visit, you can expect to be examined and treated with warmth, skill, and close attention to detail; the difference the quality of our care makes for your smile will become more and more obvious over time. Call our dental office today for preventive dentistry in Sachse, TX if your last appointment was more than six months ago.

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Years of dental research has shown fluoride to be highly beneficial to smiles of all ages. Children who receive plenty of fluoride will have stronger teeth and fewer cavities. However, if you and your loved ones mainly drink bottled water, you may not be getting as much fluoride as you would from tap water. To ensure that your children’s teeth are getting the support they need, we can provide professional fluoride applications as needed during a regular checkup and cleaning.


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