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Invisalign Teen Aligners

Invisalign is not just a orthodontic treatment for adults.

Invisalign teen

Clear aligners can be worn by patients of all ages but especially teens. Many teens would like to straighten their teeth but do not want metal or clear braces.

Invisalign teen allows patients to achieve the smile that they want without having to wear any types of braces.

Invisalign teen’s unique features

Invisalign teen is very similar to Invisalign except for one unique feature…a blue dot! This blue indicator allows our orthodontists in Sachse to make sure your teen is wearing their clear aligners properly.

If the blue indicator has turned colorless we know the patient is wearing their aligners well. If the blue indicator is still bright blue when your teen is trying to change trays we know that they are not wearing their trays properly.

Why choose invisalign teen?

Invisalign teen is a great option for many patients trying to straighten their teeth. Here are a couple reason to use Invisalign teen:

  1. Comfortable. Clear aligners fit very well to your teeth and do not hurt your cheeks like braces may do.
  2. Better hygiene: Your teen will remove their aligners to brush and floss properly.
  3. Esthetics: Invisalign is the most esthetic method to straighten teen.
  4. Less visits: You will typically have less orthodontic visits with any type of Invisalign treatment.

Tips for invisalign teens

Our goal is to ensure you have the best treatment possible. Here are a couple tips for those teens who may want to try Invisalign.

  1. Know that you will need to wear your trays for at least 22 hours a day if you want a great outcome.
  2. You will be wearing your trays at school, at practice and at night.
  3. You take out your clear aligners only to eat, drink, brush and floss.
  4. The more you wear your aligner the better your treatment.
  5. Maintain your regular cleaning and checkup dental visits during your Invisalign treatment.

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